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Hope Town Weather and Climate


Weather and Climate

The weather in Abaco is generally consistent throughout the changing seasons.  The summer months consists of gentle trade winds, but warm temperatures.  It is common for isolated thunderstorms to come and go quickly during the months of May through September.  The winter months are quite comfortable and generally pretty warm, with the exception of cold fronts, which make their way over from Florida.  March is great for sailing, as it is breezy throughout the entire month, and  accompanied by great weather.  The island's climate can be described as “Tropical Marine,” with the temperatures averaging mid 70's in the winter, and mid 80's in the summer.  The climate in Abaco is   definitely an attraction in itself, but it is just an added bonus when considering the spectacular sun, sand, and surf.


Rocky Bay Web Cam (White Sound, Elbow Cay)
Rocky Bay Web Cam
Click photo to view live webcam, current weather, statistics, aerial photos, and more! 

For Local Weather, Weekly Forecasts, and Passage Conditions, please visit - a local weather website run out of Marsh Harbour.


Abaco Average Temperatures 

  High Air Temp. Low Air Temp. Water Temp.
 January 77° F   (25° C) 65° F   (18° C) 70° F   (21° C)
 February 78° F   (26° C) 66° F   (19° C) 71° F   (22° C)
 March 81° F   (27° C) 68° F   (20° C) 74° F   (23° C)
 April 81° F   (27° C) 71° F   (22° C) 75° F   (24° C)
 May 85° F   (29° C) 7 F   (22° C) 79° F   (26° C)
 June 87° F   (31° C) 74° F   (23° C) 80° F   (27° C)
 July 90° F   (32° C) 77° F   (25° C) 84° F   (29° C)
 August 91° F   (33° C) 78° F   (26° C) 86° F   (30° C)
 September 93° F   (34° C) 78° F   (26° C) 85° F   (29° C)
 October 87° F   (31° C)  74° F   (23° C) 81° F   (27° C)
 November 83° F   (28° C)  71° F   (22° C) 77° F   (25° C)
 December 81° F   (27° C)  68° F   (20° C) 73° F   (23° C)


TIP During the winter months, once the sun goes down, it can get quite cold.  It is recommended that you always bring a sweatshirt or a jacket.



Hurricane Season

The official Atlantic hurricane season starts June 1st and ends November 30th, although hurricanes can, and often do, form outside of these dates.  Typically, hurricane activity tends to increase during the months of August through October.  

To read more about hurricanes, and view current and past hurricane activity, please visit the National Hurricane Center website.


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